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Installing Windows XP over a Network using PXE

I just spent countless hours trying to revive an old laptop with seemingly no hope left in it.  Its CD-ROM drive is bad, it doesn’t support booting from USB, and it has no floppy drive.  After backing up the hard

Cheapest SSL Certificates

Interested in securing your website?  There are several types of certificates out there at wildly varying prices, but they all provide exactly the same function–encryption.  In most cases, you’re no more secure with a $300 certificate than a $10 one;

Creating a customized OpenVPN installer – Round 2

In a previous article, I outlined the steps I took to “roll” my own customized OpenVPN installer, and it worked like a charm back then.  OpenVPN has gone through several revisions since, and getting things running (especially on different architectures)

Redirect HTTP traffic to HTTPS with IIS

There are many situations where you’d want a site to be accessible only securely, and there are several resources online on how to accomplish this. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a perfect solution for me. Influenced by this info and

Using OpenDNS on Your Fon Router

There is large interest in OpenDNS, and I happen to be a fan of it myself. Sadly, Fon routers, when connected directly to a modem and using DHCP, use the ISP’s DNS servers and don’t allow you to override

Taking control of your DNS

Many webmasters, especially those who run their own servers, rely on free DNS providers extensively to help ensure site uptime. There are many out there, with widely varying numbers of pros and cons. For example, seems to provide a great number of

Creating a customized OpenVPN installer

Note:  See "Creating a customized OpenVPN installer – Round 2" for another approach to a custom OpenVPN installer. OpenVPN is an excellent product with seemingly infinite configuration options. After setting everything up to your tastes, though, you may find

Free mail relay servers

For many people, using an external mail server for outbound mail is more than critical. There are many reasons for this, some of which are: bypassing dynamic IP blacklists by using a non-blacklisted mail server sending mail from an alternative

Backup Email Solutions

I recently ran into a problem with my server setup where I would have incredibly long and random moments of downtime. The downtime wasn’t the server’s fault, but moreso due issues at the colocation site (i.e. my friend’s house

Backing up MySQL Databases automatically

The best MySQL backup system I have seen to date is phpMyBackupPro. It does pretty much EVERYTHING. I have it set up to backup my DBs to a local directory on this webserver, email the SQL dump to my Gmail