Disable/Enable GlobalProtect on OS X

Sometimes I need to download big ISOs or other large files onto my work laptop, but GlobalProtect forces me to do so via the VPN. In order to speed things up and use my local network connection, I need to disable the VPN, but I cannot do so due to restrictions (it asks for a ticket ID).

Anything’s possible in Unix, so here’s how you force it:

If this is against IT policy at your company, don’t blame me 🙂 .

Here’s a script you can use to make this easy to toggle:

One comment on “Disable/Enable GlobalProtect on OS X
  1. koda says:

    Neat trick, thanks for sharing.

    Not sure if they changed something or I have a different configuration, but I was able to make this work by renaming the plist to com.paloaltonetworks.gp.pangpa.plist.

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