Allow installation from unknown sources in Fire TV. Download ADB tools (I used Download Kodi for ARMv7 from [crayon-59c94d4e13740702982439/]  

Install Kodi on Fire TV Stick

cat docker-compose.yml | docker run --rm -i micahhausler/container-transform If using in CloudFormation, then each key in the task definition must be capitalized. You can feed it to in order to do that for you.

Convert docker-compose file to ECS task definiton

python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000 docker run -it -p 139:139 -p 445:445 -v ~/Downloads:/mount -d dperson/samba -s “public;/mount” -u “user;password” hdiutil mount -mountpoint ~/Downloads/win10/x64/ ~/Downloads/win10.iso # disable firewall sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ globalstate -int 0 Windows side: remove usb after installer loads shift + f10 wpeinit net use S: \\\public\win10 /user:user […]

Install Windows Using

rsync is great, but one thing it doesn’t necessarily excel at is speed. Don’t get me wrong, it plenty fast in most cases, but there are plenty of opportunities to parallelize transfers and help saturate your pipe, but rsync is ultimately just one-file-at-a-time. There are tons of articles on how […]

Quick and easy parallel rsync

Sometimes I need to download big ISOs or other large files onto my work laptop, but GlobalProtect forces me to do so via the VPN. In order to speed things up and use my local network connection, I need to disable the VPN, but I cannot do so due to […]

Disable/Enable GlobalProtect on OS X

I’m a big user of Chef, but was bummed when I couldn’t find any resolver information in Ohai data. I needed to make some changes to an nginx config to use resolver, but wanted to use the resolver that’s already on the host (since nginx doesn’t inherit that for dynamic […]

Get nameservers from resolv.conf with Ruby

Every true sysadmin has been in this predicament — “I need to run this command on a bunch of machines.” The typical approach is to create a for loop, and run the command serially. This works well, but if a) you have tons of hosts, or b) the command takes […]

Run multiple ssh commands in parallel with GNU Parallel

If a replica shard is in an INITIALIZATION state and the primary shard is healthy, then the shard is being replicated from the primary to the replica. You can use the cat API to get this state: [crayon-59c94d4e15152476455414/] Now, we have no clue from this view what progress has been […]

Elasticsearch cluster administration notes

Promox has built-in support for installing templates, but they’re pretty outdated and not well-maintained., on the other hand, regularly updates their templates, and has a wide selection to choose from. In order to make these templates available for use in Proxmox, it’s simple.  Get the links for the templates […]

Installing OpenVZ templates in Proxmox